Gypsy Boy. The Last interview.

Mikey Walsh
4 min readNov 27, 2020

This year marked ten years since i wrote the first of the Gypsy Boy books…

If any of you are thinking of writing an autobiography, or an autobiographical short of any kind, I would totally recommend you do…

Please do it for you though- For your own mental need to survive what is behind you, to put into words the life you led, the events that have passed, the people you have loved, & who have come & gone. It can be an utterly crushing process, but also, it can be vital to your mental health & i strongly belive that just putting something down in words can help lighten the load and give you some perspective…

Contrary to what many think, reliving the most amazing memories are sometimes more traumatic than the bad… to reflect on moments of true happiness & the knowledge that they will never come back… for me personally, that’s even more difficult to recover from.

I wrote my first autobiography as testament to all I had learned, as a person who had no GCSE’s A Levels or even basic Primary school education…you may tell by the way i write today that I still lack it…I like to write how I think I would sound when reading out aloud.

Being able to write an autobiography & its benefits can all sound very persuasive, but it also needs to be thought over, that we live in a place where you can’t take anything back once you have put it out there…ever.

I never expected my books to do as well as they did… & i certainly didnt expect them to take over & totally engulf my life as the aftermath of it did…

It was published right on the cusp of the social media boom, & almost overnight, from being a book that no one wanted to review, & no bookstore But Amazon & Asda would stock, it totally blew up. The hardback climbed to Number 8 in the bestseller charts, & by the time it was released in paperback a few months later, it went straight into number 1.

I didn’t count on having to live my past every day for that… & the pittance I made from publishing them both never got me by, or allowed me to ever leave full time employment elsewhere to pay my bills…I’m afraid unless youre in as regular cycle of reprints & a few million books, you’re gonna find it hard to retire, & live like Jessica Fletcher.



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